The 'King' Of Sing...

”Denise King sings pop and jazz standards with touches of the blues, soul and even gospel in a voice steeped in a sophisticated, swinging, sometimes soulful, satin style much like one of her idols, Sarah Vaughan.”

— Donald True Van Deusen, All About Jazz

Influenced by Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin, Denise King is an expressive, big-voiced vocalist that combines jazz with elements of R&B, Blues and Gospel. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA at the young age of twelve she discovered R&B and jazz thanks to an uncle who was a record collector that loved jazz. Denise King is, brimming with energy, good humor, and swings with authentic jazz expression! As part of a tradition rooted in the history of jazz, she fully lives the songs she sings. 

Though she's no stranger to standards, one of King's strong points has been her ability to provide jazz interpretations of rock and soul hits, sharing the stage with such legends as Lex Humphries, Ted Curson, Arthur Harper, Brecker Brothers, Cecil Payne, Cecil McBee, Sid Simmons Christian McBride, Jerry Weldon, Bootsie Barnes and many more. It is with these musicians that she learned the art of Jazz singing. 

The European dream for jazz artists remains strong in its history, and a gateway of empowerment for African Américan artists. As an international performer, King has delighted audiences from the USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Serbia, Belarus, Poland, Japan, Kazakstan, Spain, Russia, Siberia,Greece, UK, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Mahachcala, Luxembourg and participated in the International Jazz Day in Paris. 

Denise is likened to a"natural singer" for she organically learned to sing, outside of any educational system, but through the natural progression of listening to recordings and watching live jazz performances.

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