I've often been asked why I do what I do.  This review from an audience member is one of the reasons. The  show took place in Tel Aviv January 4th 2023:  

"About 120 years ago more or less, I grew up in a small, rejected communist country called Bulgaria. The authorities were afraid of "Western influence" so there wasn't much Western literature or music, at least not officially. Of course, there were books and records that passed from hand to hand. My first step into the world of jazz was through gospel, spiritual and Sachmo. Maybe under their influence, I had a dream of sitting in a dark jazz club, full of smoke and hearing some small ensemble, piano was must as well as singing.

Since then I've been to a lot of jazz shows in Bulgaria, here in Israel and in the US, I've been to clubs, concerts, festivals and I've enjoyed every moment. But I didn't get the same imaginative experience from that dream. Maybe that image was too old-fashioned, too innocent, too romantic, no I know, but I couldn't get there.

Until tonight. I was hesitant whether to go to the concert, even though I bought tickets for both sets. I was tired and I didn't really feel like getting up, riding the crowded bus. I remembered with longing those COVID-19 days when I could enjoy wonderful live music without getting out of bed. Nevertheless, I got up and went.

I already knew the Israeli musicians from previous shows and in different ensembles so I knew it would be wonderful. But nothing prepared me for what Denise King had in store for me. As soon as this small, colorful woman opened her mouth, I found myself in the same club I had only dreamed of until now. Her rough sensual voice emanating from the guts, lush, rising, bursting out, flying like a bird to rise up to the stars took me to places I thought only existed in my imagination. Her vitality combined with the wonderful playing of our musicians and the gentle and warm shadows of Jess Korn contributed a lot to the dizzying experience.

Sorry, the message is too long.

I just wanted to thank you for making a childhood dream come true."

To the reviewer...thank you ❤️ You can not imagine how this review touched my heart.